Stephenson said it’s common knowledge that cows prefer temperatures below 50 degrees, so while California is warmer and sunnier, the happier home for cows is Wisconsin. “We might not like it (the colder weather), but that is really where the cows are happiest,” he added. 13 Sep 2015

Hereford, Texas is known as “The Beef Capital of the World”. But, the “The Windmill City” is much more than just a cattle capital. Over 400 windmills used to spin in the area. Observers who traveled by train could see them from miles away.

South Dakota has the most cattle per person in the United States followed by Nebraska and Montana. Rank State Cattle 1 South Dakota 3,650,000 2 Nebraska 6,150,000 3 Montana 2,550,000 4 North Dakota 1,770,000 46 baris lainnya • 26 Sep 2022