Sri Lanka is a Buddhist majority country, those following the religion constitute 70% of the country’s population. Most of them do not eat beef, as they consider cows sacred, while minority Muslims, who make up about 10%, Christians and a section of Hindus consume beef. 30 Sep 2020

Pork 1. Pork. Pork, the meat from hogs, or domestic swine, is the most consumed animal in the world at 36% (Source: UN-FAO). Pork is commonly thought of as white meat, but it is actually classified as red meat by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Countries with the highest yearly meat consumption per-capita are Austria, Spain, Denmark, Luxembourg, and Portugal. In contrast, the average annual per capita meat consumption is least in Albania, Turkey, Moldova, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Why did cowboys refer to their cattle as “dogies”? It’s hard to imagine they confused bovines with canines. First of all, some say dogies and some say doggies. I’m going with dogies. 19 Mei 2014