Some Best Profitable Farming In India 2022 Garlic Farming. The payoff on growing garlic can be enormous for those who prefer to grow “gourmet” garlic. … Lavender Farming. Lavender farming produces above-average gain for small growers, as it is such a varied crop. … Gourmet Mushrooms Farming. … Bamboo Farming. … Willows Farming. Jan 31, 2022

You will need to build a place for you to live in, connect utilities, build a barn, put up fencing, and much more. If your chickens are going to be free-range, you’ll need to make sure you have proper barriers, feeding stations, and a safe and warm place for them in the winter. May 22, 2022

There are several ways chicken farmers can earn or make money in the poultry industry, but meat and egg production are the most profitable niches in the poultry business. There is a high demand for chicken protein globally.