If the chicken was still very fresh when it was frozen and you defrosted it using the refrigerator method, it should keep for 3 to 4 days. If it was already in the fridge for a few days before you froze it, or if you thawed it in a bowl of cold water, you need to cook it off right away.

According to the USDA, cooked chicken will last three to four days in the refrigerator, and two to three months in the freezer. Eating cooked chicken after this point can result in foodborne illness — even at refrigerated temperatures, bacteria can still grow. Mar 17, 2021

No need to stash it in the freezer — it’s OK to store raw chicken (whole or in pieces) for 1–2 days in the fridge. If you have leftovers that include cooked chicken, you can expect those to last in the refrigerator for 3–4 days.

It also contains more information on each of the topics in this article. Starting out. … Find a market. … Chickens for eggs or chickens for meat? … Building a chicken coop. … Feed. … Equipment. … Disease management. … Marketing your chickens and eggs. Feb 3, 2021

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