Although low-maintenance, chickens do require a small amount of daily care as well as some monthly and semi-annual maintenance. Plan on spending 10 minutes a day on your pet chickens, an hour or so per month, plus a few hours twice a year on semi-annual chores.

Here Are The 20 Rules That You Should Follow While Pondering On How To Start Poultry Farming Learn Poultry Farming. … Choose Your Poultry Sector. … Choose The Right Type Of Bird. … Create Your Farm Logo. … Set Farm Location. … Have A Business Plan. … Get A Loan. … Install A Perfect Poultry Housing System. More items… • Aug 20, 2021

Take those 65 eggs and multiply it by the four weeks in a month, and now we have 260 eggs. Now take that thousand dollars that we want to make. Divide that by those 260 eggs and you get $3.85 each. So if you hatch all those eggs and sell each chick for that amount, you’ll make $1,000 a month.