Some of the world’s biggest billionaires are landowners, such as media mogul Ted Turner who owns 2 million acres,’s AMZN, -1.11% CEO Jeff Bezos who has amassed 420,000 acres and Microsoft MSFT, -0.85% co-founder Bill Gates’s 270,000 acres, he notes. 29 Mar 2022

While inflation hit a 40-year high at 9.1% in June 2022, average farmland values have risen around 14% in the first half of this year. Since 1991, farmland investments have yielded an average annual return of 10.74%, based on data from my company. 16 Sep 2022

Farmland offers both short-term and long-term opportunities for creating wealth. The land parcel itself is a hard asset typically maintains its value in your investment portfolio. Its low-risk nature can help diversity your holdings and balance out some of your riskier stock market investments.